Friday, June 15, 2012

A Desert Trail

Oil on Canvas, 9x12

Desert is pretty. It is nonchalant and carefree.

In an effort to be more disciplined, I bought a pad of real canvas and decided to paint a painting a day. So here it is one of the three I've done. I hope I'll come up with more worthy ones to post here, and often. With a picture in hand or something in front of me to paint, it is so much easier than to paint the abstract. So, this is a welcomed change for me.

I painted this from a picture I took two years ago at the Red Rock Crossing, Sedona.
It was probably in February and there were a lot of trees without leaves. A little desolate. But come to think of it, it has always looked like this no matter when I visited it. There are green trees along the creek during the summer and later, as I remember. Perhaps it's time to go back, again.
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