Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yellow Rose

Oil on Canvas, 8x10

These roses came from my backyard.
So pretty, I had to paint them.
Petals fell the next day.
Like life, what is
There besides the sentiment? 

Happy holiday, my friend! Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Oil on gessoed Masonite, 12"x12"  Sold

My Sweet Dorothy

At six in the morn,
Her garage door swung squeakily open.
Out came Dorothy in her pink robe
Dashing, but not hurriedly.

She picked up the newspaper
from the driveway,
Which would later sprawl all over
Her 1960's living room,
Advertisements on top.

The sky was just turning pink. 
She looked up with her graying eyes.
Oh, gee! It's chilly today, 
She said.

I spent too much time painting Dorothy. After extra 5 or six hours of work after she posted for my friends and me, I didn't know if it got any better. But I would say it probably did because I found not much I wanted to do over. But I think I learned a lot about temperature and hope it sticks. 

Dorothy is my 89 year old neighbor. She is kind, wise, healthy and tough. We became good friends over the last dozen years. She is like a mother to me, whom I lost when I was 10. 
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Thank you!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Red Rose and Cup"

Oil on Gessoed Board, 6"x6" $125

Recently I got myself a few Silver Brestlon brushes and loved them. Sounds like I'm advertising for them, but they really deserve the praise. They make painting a pleasure as I no longer have to deal with the unruly hair of some of the brushes I use. 
This painting is painted from part of a picture I took. I liked the composition at this corner, its colors and contrast, but especially its romantic mood.

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Thanks for viewing. Happy holiday!