Saturday, May 22, 2010

I did this study today from a picture I took near Wickenburg, AZ. Usually I'd rough up the composition with a brush and went on to paint. This time, however, I drew the whole thing carefully with a charcoal pencil, paying attention to the detail and the value. When I was satisfied about what I saw, I went on to put oil colors on. I'm pleasantly surprised with the result, as I didn't have to correct the composition which I sometimes do and would muddied up the paint. So, a little more work in the beginning saves a lot of time and energy later.

If you're interested in purchasing this painting, please email me

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

These are the "After and Before" photos of my paintings of "Anna".

I painted the "before" of Anna at the Scottsdale Artist School during one of the OPA (Oil Painters of America) studio painting sessions. OPA had it's Annual juried Exhibition in Scottsdale this year, of which I'm an Associate Member. During the OPA event I met many great Masters of contemporary paintings including Zhiwei Tu, David Leffel, Jeff Legg, Joyce Pike and Carolyn Anderson. They inspired me so much I'll never forget them.

William T. Chambers, an OPA Signature Member was kind enough to critique this painting for me, I am so grateful. I followed his suggestion and revised the painting. I muted down one side of the chair to maintain the focus of the painting which is Anna, and kept the flow of the eye movement going. What do you think?

Cotton Series I, II and III

  Cotton I, Oil on Cradled panel

The first of the series, Cotton I, has beenjuried into the show at SACAMA, together with my two other art work, "Yours Truly" and "Dancing", which is a bronze. The show "Point of Pride" began on May 5. Hope you'll come visit.