Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh! What a show!

The Art Show went from December 2nd to the 4th. It's our first one and it went better than we had anticipated. We, the four painters and my husband were very fortunate to have the support from friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors. The response was great and they loved the show. 
We were surprised that even though we live near the busiest street near downtown Scottsdale, and with good signage on the street, not many passersby came. It just shows how important to have connections.

A lot of work was put into the preparation for the show, but it was also a lot of fun. The show brought another level of friendship to all of us - Sven Helle, Gloria Cuadraz, Vanya Allison, my husband Mark Mahalik and me. Mark deserves most of the credit for putting up a flawless show from start to finish. What would I do without you, Mark? Thank you so very much!

Sven and Vanya are great Portrait and Still life painters; Gloria paints mostly Still Life. She is a prolific and well loved professor at the ASU. You can see some of their work below. 

Included in the show were the works done by the 1st graders at the Kiva Elementary School in Scottsdale during a workshop I gave them 10 days before the show. There were 26 of them! I had them work in groups with collages collected. They worked together and at the end choose a view and "framed" the final project. We decided to include their work to our show. Mrs. Judy Alway put a lot of thought and work into this. It was in Mrs. U's (Anna Udelson) class. She was great with the children!

Enjoy some photos of the event!

Art show begins in the main house living room with abstract paintings

and in the dining room

Sven, Gloria and Vanya have their wonderful paintings in the studio.

In the backyard, we post the Kiva student's collage artwork which they made 10 days before at the Kiva Elementary School where I gave a workshop. They are beautiful! Each one is unique!

They look great in the open. Vayna later wraps plastic sheets over to protect them from the rain and they still look awesome!

Each student will take home at least on piece of their work. Mark and I spent hours "framing" each work the student choose to have, which was the objective of the workshop, choosing a view.

The reception was fun in a cozy, rainy afternoon. We have over 70 guests, including some from our neighborhood.

 Music, guests, wine and friendship. Vayna's husband Ted plays guitar to entertain the quests.


Here are some works by my three friends and the one and only work by my husband sold first in the show, which I love so much:

Pintings by Vanya. oil on panel

"Napa Cab" by Gloria Cuadraz, oil 12x12

Sven Helle painted himself

My husband Mark's sold painting at the show.

Wishing  you a great, good fortune for the coming New Year!
Happy Holiday!