Monday, September 10, 2012

Roses and Bicycle IV - A tribute to time

Mixed Media with acrylic, ink and crayon on hardbord, 9x12

The greying sky,
Like the remnant of a fire,
Lingers on.

The space is empty 
Of your presence,

And soon will be filled with the drizzling rain,
Like tears of laughter.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tequila and Bougainvillea

A student of mine, Marian, brought over a bunch of bougainvillea and a Tequila bottle which I'd never see before to paint. The setting was beautiful. Marian started it very well. But it tempted me to give it a try after the class. The bottle was clear and the bougainvillea's got "a hundred" blossoms on one stem, and they wilted very fast. To avoid the blah, light background and a clear bottle, I added blue for a more painterly effect. As for the busy flowers, I concentrated on a few with light pink to dress up the petals.

 In a still life, especially, we don't really have to paint what we see but what we feel.

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